Forever unbiased

Every result you will see on MultirotorPrices appear in order of relevance. Never will any vendor be able to influence the search results in their favour. All information is yours, just squeezed into one place.

Any vendor, big or small, with a great offer on a product will always show up on top, giving smaller vendors a fair chance and a healthy competition for the bigger guys.

Build for our community

Every day new people join our hobby and vendors respond with an ever growing number of products for us to choose from. Sweet! But with the growing number of products, it gets more difficult to get an overview of products and prices.

We let our robots take over the internet every night to give you fresh product prices from hundreds of vendors in the morning!

I'm not botgrinder!

Support your local hobby store

Remember that time when Amazon sponsored your drone race? No? The search page on Multirotorprices (coming soon) includes two tabs - Worldwide and Nearby - which lets you easily compare product prices from your local shop against the world.

If you are a vendor and your page is not yet on MultirotorPrices, please contact us.